Personal Prayer of Invocation

Archangel …………………….., glorious messengers of Light, I invite you into my life and humbly ask from the bottom of my heart that I may deeply receive your gifts of healing energy.

In this moment and the coming days, may your powerful energies constantly surround me, guide me, and protect me….and those I pray for.

Please help me to resolve my issues and let go of habits holding me back from my own innate perfection.

And in the same way, I ask that your healing energies touch other people that I pray for.

Please help me to be open to receive the healing instruction that I need for my higher good.

And having received your guidance, help me to faithfully live it with courage - willing to accept any discomfort or challenges your guidance will bring - knowing the ultimate result will be the highest good for everyone.

Please accept my Golden Cord connection to you in the higher dimensions and unite your loving energies with mine in this physical world.

Thank you for filling me with your healing energies and loving presence.

Thank you for your help to overcome negativity; to move on and be free.

Thank you for protecting me, and giving me strength and courage.

Thank you for connecting me with the Divine Intelligence that guides me.

Thank you for giving me the kindness, love and blessings I can share with others.

May I always follow your guidance and pass on to others the selfless love and benevolent grace that you are showing to me.

In this way, may I be a servant of Light and an agent of healing and forgiveness - like you are.

Thank you for the sacredness of this moment in which I fell united with you beloved ……………………….

By Elka Boren

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