Reconnection with the Archangels

At one point about twelve years ago I had a deep re-connection with Archangels. I had reached a turning point and called on the Angels for help. During meditation I saw a beautiful Star.

It started rotating slowly and stopped at each point of the star. In the center of the star was Archangel Michael and at the other points of the star were angelic beings who recharged me with unconditional love, light and inner peace. I started researching in books and on the Internet to find more about the images that I was seeing in my meditations, and would ask the Archangels their names. In this way, I was able to confirm and deepen my understanding of each angelical presence.

After this re-connection, I would ask in my prayers and meditation for Angels to communicate with me. I used to write a question on a piece of paper and put it on my altar before meditation. As time went on, I began receiving ways to communicate with the Archangels and receive ways to heal my self through the Angelical presence in my life.

What I am sharing with you was born during my meditation and prayers. It became a very powerful practice to attune with the Archangels and to navigate through my life-journey. With their help I have changed my picture of the world and see more deeply into my life lessons.

So many experiences of grace and blessings have been given to me, and I m convinced that if we pay attention, we can all discover and turn to the benevolence that is constantly with us!

I am blessed to talk to the Angels daily, to ask that they protect others, and to share God’s grace. And I am honored to be able to initiate others into the practices of engaging with the Archangels.

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