My childish worry was that, because Michael was receiving so many requests, he might not always have time to watch over my family! But now I can understand that grace in the form of Angels can be everywhere, at all times.

I remember as a young child praying one day to the Angels,  Please make sure my mother remembers to the buy the ketchup that I love to eat with plantains and herb tea! However she came home without stopping at the grocery store and I went back into my room disappointed and asked them,  Did I do something wrong? Or did your forget?

The next morning I prayed again for the ketchup and later that day a friend of the family showed up bringing Christmas presents. I ran downstairs with the conviction that I was going to receive a bottle of ketchup, and excitedly asked if I could open my present! He laughed and handed me a wrapped gift. It could feel it was a bottle of ketchup! And I opened it with gratitude to the Angels who were answering my simple prayer.

I also remember seeing neighbors delighted with gifts of fruits from our family garden. They would say things like,  O thank you God! I was praying for a papaya! And my heart would overflow that the Angels had given me the honor of delivering answers to the prayers of other people.

Over the years of course, unanswered prayers tested my childish faith and I gradually learned that they may not always be answered immediately or that God had a different plan. As the years went by I continued to have experience of Angels. At one time in a restaurant, I saw an Angel behind someone and received a message that I passed on to them. They were amazed! As others gathered, the Angel gave me messages for two other people nearby - messages that could change their lives if they acted upon them.

Others have also passed on to me words that have changed my life, so I believe that Angels are constantly sending us messages in obvious and concealed ways.

As I grew older and life became so busy I would stop praying, or only pray when I was desperate, though I was surrounded by Angel chimes, Angel posters and Angel figurines. But even though I sometimes neglected them, I would have dreams in which Angels gave me advice.

How grateful I am that my childhood was full of devoted souls who taught me to connect with Angels and to be thankful for the blessings they shower upon us!

My Introduction to Archangel Healing

Images of Archangels surrounded me during my childhood in the Catholic Church. I remember praying to different Archangel with my mother and neighbors on the days that were dedicated to celebrate them. And during Mass I remember watching them flying around the Church, as white lights of different sizes. When flying fast they sometimes looked like a ball of fire.

From those early years I grew up with an experience of their presence and protection  especially that of Archangel Michael who gave me confidence when my mother was not around. Each morning and night I would pray to the Angels and often in my dreams I would see Michael in white and golden light with his shield and sword of light protecting our home, family and neighborhood.

Reconnection      Healing Technique