by Shaman Elka Boren

Buildings and houses are alive; they are not just inert buildings.

They pick up and store energy from every activity that takes place within them.

The vibratory energy of your home, apartment or business affects you every single day and accumulates, year by year.

It is possible to work with spaces to clear long-held accumulated and stagnant energy. This includes what may have happened before you arrived on the scene.

When a house is not selling, when no interested buyers appear, it may well be due to stagnant energies that have mounted within the house. An apartment you are renting may need clearing of past tenants to make it your own.

Elka is able to actually speak to the house/apartment and dissipate old energy to make way for the next stage of life there. For example, often the actual owner of a home that’s for sale feels a strong attachment to it. When doing the clearing, Elka looks for underlying reasons for this attachment which often include emotional factors. She is guided to clear, neutralize and balance spaces during the clearing. This process can free things up energetically, giving ease to the sale. There is no limit to what Elka will do when guided during a house clearing.

The building structure, the land and the energetic space contain information about every single situation and event that has happened there. This energy carries an emotional charge involving every person who has ever been inside that space. This includes all the families that may have spent time in a house over long periods of time.

Events that overcharge the space emotionally can include prolonged illness, separation, legal problems, depression, divorce, death, physical, mental or emotional abuse, accidents, and drug or alcohol usage – to name a few. These actions are recorded in the land, even before a house is built. They can originate from the actual owners of land several hundred years ago. Land is often passed in the same family for generations and the property carries the ancestral story of all the emotional events that have taken place upon it.

Elka looks for four important things when working on the energetic system of a

house or business:

(1) The energetic overcharge in the land upon which a house rests. There is energy that runs in the land, even in the underground water that flows within or around the land. Sometimes there are debilitating effects related to geological issues in and around buildings. This can create feelings of being drained for those sleeping or working in the space. It also can contribute to long-term health problems of all sorts. Elka is able to neutralize the effect of any underground energetic imbalance that may be affecting the people who live in a house. She also locates water courses beneath the property and will work with each room of a house to neutralize energy disturbances.

(2) Energy held in the furniture of a home or business. Many homes contain antique furniture or pieces purchased from or given by others. These all hold emotional imprints that need clearing, as well.

(3) Spirit presence typically is sensed by owners past and present. This is very common, more than most people realize. Things like a sudden coolness, feelings or sensations of ‘something’ coming and going, a vague, shadowy form caught in the corner of your eye, olfactory – smells or even the uneasy feeling that something just passed by you. Such occurrences may indicate earth spirits, discarnate spirits, elementals or others. Elka has strong spirit guidance and teachers to work with these energies and move them out of a living or working space. Elka is able to clear such energies and has had this ability for over 20 years. (see FAQ for example).

(4) The overall energetic imprint held within the walls of a space, centered in the heart of a home or business.

This clearing work is like getting a ‘new lease on life’ for your home or business—and for you. The clearing and healing of a house by Shaman healer Elka Boren will literally clear your space on many levels, bringing new energy and new life. It will help houses pass from one person to the next person, as well.

Relating to the Heart of the House

Elka has said: “I raise the energy of love from the heart of the house and release the energies of events that have happened there. I also remove the energy of people’s personalities that may have lived there before. This work reconnects the new owners or tenants heart with their home. This whole process raises the frequencies of both the owners and the house.

“Each person builds the heart of their house with their own energy, intentions, dreams and life goals. These aspects become integrated following the House Clearing and healing of your home. The energy actually gets rebuilt. Stagnant energy cords are cut. Energetic patterns of people who lived there before are cleared. The heart of the house becomes stronger, clearer and more focused.”

Once your space is cleared, it makes room in both the space and your life for new things—growth, prosperity, business developments and renewed relationships.

How It Works

This clearing is done by actually registering the history of everything that has taken place and then removing the vibrations and energy cords from the past traumatic events that are energetically embedded in the walls of your home, apartment or office space.

This is true also for the land your building rests upon. Even the land holds energy from the recent and distant past. You may have no knowledge of what has happened upon your land decades or centuries before. All this much be cleared, as well.

You are welcome and encouraged to be present while the clearing is taking place in either your home or office.

Elka will work with your home or business, in three important ways:

Business Space Clearing

Business spaces can also greatly benefit from this type of energetic cleaning. To have your office cleared is to give it a fresh beginning. Old, stagnant work-related issues may be resolved, making way for enthusiastic, new developments.

The energetic traumas stored in the space can affect your business. Offices where you do consultant work or see many clients can benefit tremendously because removing the stagnant energy is essential from time to time. You will definitely feel the difference.

For a business that is opened in a space where there has been financial stress ending in bankruptcy, those are energies that are good to clear for the future.

The Intention Behind House Clearing

Elka’s intention with House Clearing – and the healing of houses – is for people to receive this message:

“We have a deep connection with the places we live and work—and also with the people with whom we share these spaces. Even the land upon which we live and work deserves our attention and healing from time to time.”

“Through this House Clearing, may people come to understand that all inanimate spaces have a soul. May humanity realize that all living creatures exist in relationship with their spaces. For example, if we have an overflow of emotion, our home can cry for us. When we enjoy happy experiences, our living and work space smiles with us. Where love exists, a place becomes all love. The places absorb the energy of what goes on within them. Our spaces become an extension of ourselves.”

“My goal is also to reach people who have business offices, who want to sell properties and anyone who has a physical space in which they wish to remove unwanted energies and bring in higher energies -- thus at the same time clearing their home and workspace for the betterment and upliftment of all.”

House Clearing Testimonials