Elka Boren is a Prema Birthing Practitioner.

This beautiful healing modality was channeled by Derek O'Neill,

a psychotherapist, healer, and instrument of Divine energy from Ireland, in a workshop in June of 2005.  

Every time a person goes through this technique they will cancel programs that were running during the time between signing their birth contract and their physical birth process.

These programs may still be running their life in limiting ways. During the Prema Birthing, the Divine Mother and Divine Father come together as golden orbs to become the client's Divine parents, as the old cord to their physical mother is cut by Archangel Michael's Sword of Truth.

What are the benefits of Prema Birthing?

Each of us signs a birth contract prior to conception. Prema Birthing cancels all "programs," or belief systems, that were set in place between the time when this contract was signed (including time spent in utero) and when we were physically birthed. Feelings of rejection by one or both parents, exposure to high conflict or stress, and anxiety or fear picked up in the environment are examples of what can shape these belief systems. Imprinted at such an early stage of life, they often continue to run our lives in limiting ways in the present, influencing our choices and actions.

As a Prema Birthing Practitioner, each time Elka offers a Prema Birthing, the person will be overshadowed by the Divine Mother, who will actually do the birthing.

Prema Birthing