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Here are the answers to some of the questions that are frequently asked of Elka.

QUESTION: You say you see into the body on a number of levels? What exactly do you perceive?

ELKA: The body is multidimensional. Imagine seeing a diamond and seeing all the different shapes, colors and rays coming out from that diamond - a beautiful piece of art. When the Spirit comes through me, I feel the oneness and I feel connected with you in the soul level.

Also, I see the places where the blockages are stored. I start to channel "God conscious energy" and then I do what I am guided to do.

QUESTION: How does this work differ from the spiritual work one does or with the grace given by a spiritual master?

ELKA: I'm not a spiritual Master. My work is so little to be compared with a master's work. Something comes to my mind....."God helps the ones that help themselves." I don't feel that we can put all the responsibility upon a Master for everything. There are tools that can be used by us to improve our lives and we can't put all the responsibility of our healing on the Master. You do your effort and the Master guides you and supports you in any effort you do to improve yourself, to experience a deep connection with yourself - including your spiritual practices. I feel that people who are on a spiritual path experience this work more intensely and have faster releases.

QUESTION: What does drinking water do for energy release?

ELKA: Water helps to release and clean the emotional toxins from the body. You can read more information about this in many heath and healing books.

QUESTION: I didn't really experience anything tangible during our first session together. Why?

ELKA: Sometimes I have seen that some clients do not experience anything in the first session, and usually they do have experiences in the second session or third. Some people's issues are very deep and hard to release - like grieving or other strong or negative emotions. Because you don't "feel" anything doesn't mean that the healing work does not occur. When I work, I sense when the blockages are released but sometimes the people are unable to feel it for themselves. Some people have numbed their emotions; they either keep their emotions inside or, their emotional body moves in an opposite direction to their other energy bodies. The other case that the Spirit has shown me during the sessions, is that some people are not present in their body. They live in the upper chakras, and after a series of sessions, they are able to start feeling their emotions and their physical body. These people have a great release. With some clients I am guided by the Spirit to work in the lower part of the body to open and clean emotional blockages and bring these people into their body. With other clients, I am guided by the Spirit to work in the lower part of the body to open and clean emotional blockages and bring these people into their body. We can be spiritual and also live fully present in the physical body. A balance with all the bodies is the best.

QUESTION: Do you prefer that the parents are present during the child's session or not?

ELKA: I insist that the parents of children under 18 be present are during the sessions. I only ask that they do not interfere or try to control the healing - this means to let the child be free to be a child and share or to have their healing. The healing room door is always open and the parents can also sit outside. They are welcome to come inside the room at any time.

QUESTION: What impels you to say the things you say during a session?

ELKA: I'm an instrument to do my work. I will say what comes to me from the Spirit world. During my sessions, my heart and my mind are surrendered to the Source. During the healings, the energy will transform into information and I channel that information. Sometimes spirits speak softly, and sometimes they are strong, especially when they want to shake someone else. Sometimes Spirit guides have messages to my clients or sometimes there are loved ones in the room, so I deliver their messages, too. I never know what to expect during the sessions or what I will say.

QUESTION: Hypothetically, if I had a series of sessions with you, would we be able to break through layer upon layer of accumulated emotion, mental concepts, and toxicity?

ELKA: I'm an instrument to do the healings, and, yes, many things can happen during the sessions. I do not have the control of the sessions.

QUESTION: Is there ever a time when you feel a person has had enough work with you for the time being? How do you determine this?

ELKA: It's up to you how many sessions you have to go or how far you want to go with your personal healing. You can follow your inner guidance. Sometimes I will tell the person what the Spirit suggests for them.

QUESTION: Is the removal of these blockages permanent?

ELKA: These effects take place because the shaman guides have given me a very advanced technique to help people release quickly and in a very safe way, to move to another energy level, and be able to continue their lives and their jobs. I have seen this technique help many people to release their cellular memories, past lives and childhood traumas. This opens the door to make the changes necessary with what is not working in their lives.

If you move to other frequencies, the Spirit has said, "You will attract new people new experiences to your life and your life will start changing if you decide to do the changes necessary and do what you love to do". All of this increases the opportunities to make positive changes in our lives.

What people have said:

"Seeing Elka, I felt lots of emotions coming up, especially when she found a spot where I’ve stored pain and sadness. The next day I had more energy than I’ve had in months. I woke up and began cleaning the house and didn’t stop for 7 hours! And I wasn’t even tired…

Now I feel much happier and have more energy. I don’t feel overwhelmed by the small things in life.

I think everyone would benefit from being unblocked – definitely. The free feeling from this work is amazing."

-- Laura O. Bozeman

    New Orleans, LA

"I’ve had several sessions with Elka – all different. After the first 3 sessions, many spiritual, synchronistic events occurred in my life. My spirituality went to a much deeper level.

My life has changed in many ways since then. It’s improved my connection with God, my purpose in this lifetime, and deepened my awareness of myself as a spiritual being.

There are not enough healers with her gifts. I would absolutely recommend her work to others. People in our society desperately need her gifts."

--Mary Ellen Corry M.D.

   New Orleans, LA