QUESTION: I had two sessions with you. What further benefit could I expect by having more sessions?

ELKA: I can't tell you what you might experience in the next session because I do not control it. This work is done by Spirit guidance. But I can tell you that the process will continue and will release more energy blockages. If you send me to clean your house, I will clean everything that is in the middle, and after that, will continue cleaning the other rooms of the house. I don't know what other things I will find to move out of the way. If I clean the rooms, the house will have more space. Each session is different, this I can tell you. This means that the spirits will guide me to continue working in your energy field. There are gems inside each of us that we don't know we have. By clearing, you will be able to get more in touch with those things too. As more rocks are moved out of the way, you will find a treasure mine of beauty inside.

QUESTION: Would further sessions help people to work through things? How?

ELKA: After the first session, we move to other energy bodies. Depending on the person, when all the blockages are removed, creativity can come out. Many times the Spirit shows me layers of emotions breaking out of the body. They are like hard mud and many different emotions are together – like anger, guilt, grief or rage. With each session, it is possible that more blockages will come out. With this process, a person becomes more spirit than body. There is more connection with the Divine and it's easier to connect to your Self. You become a lighter instrument of God.

QUESTION: When I saw you, you asked that my husband also come for a session.

Why? Please explain…

ELKA: Sometimes, as I read a person's energy, I see that they carrying another's energy, such as their partner's emotions. Through your energy, I can read your partner's energy. The Spirit guidance I work with suggested that your spouse come as well. This happens from time to time. It is helpful for your relationship that you both receive this kind of energy work at the same time. Because you are a couple, and very connected on different levels, working on you both together will benefit your husband also. You are both ready to move on together. It's for that reason I asked that your husband come to the session

QUESTION: You've said that this work changes a person's energy or frequency. How does this happen? Is there a likelihood that changes may occur on the outer level of one's life after treatments?

ELKA: For many people who do this process, their life changes -- for example finances, emotions and other things have started working for them -- things that have stopped them from being what they want to be. I have seen many things happen with several people. If a person has blockages and they are removed, even deep-seated and ancient ancestral blockages, people become open to receive abundance. Such people may move forward in new ways.

QUESTION: Can you give me more ideas about what to expect following my session with you?

ELKA: There may be a lot of releasing through dreams and some people feel waves of emotion, especially emotions you may have blocked. There can also be energetic pain coming out of the body when the memories of any body pain start moving out of you. Once these blockages come out, you can feel lighter. People may move to another level of awareness altogether. People do come to me about this and some people will experience waves of sadness, waves of anger or other emotions - also a sense of happiness or joy. Some people cry a lot or they can feel tired one or two days and after lighter and full of energy. I know this because many of my clients have been sharing with me. On other occasions they mention that they can't explain what happened, but they feel very good.

QUESTION: What actually happens energetically, or rather what are you doing when, for instance, you go under the table? Why do you have to go there?

ELKA: This is a shamanic technique taught to me that I have adapted to my work by Spirit guidance. I can say this. Most of the work of the Spirit is multi-dimensional and it can't also be understood with the mind. If I'm standing in the room sitting on a chair or lying down on the floor, a ray of energy will come through me like a laser. This is "God-consciousness energy." In that moment, I enter into other stages of consciousness, and most of the time I do not remember or cannot explain what has happened. I know a lot of work will be done on the client. I will have memories of what Spirit want me to share with the client. Most of the time, the clients experiences the energies moving out and in of the body.

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