My experience in Elka’s More Truth Will Set You Free Workshop involved a series of meditations that allowed me to release old limiting thoughts and escalated to a point where the Masters joined me in passing through the veil to find moments of perfect peace and love.  Elka provided a healing to all participants in which she became an open channel for the Ascended Masters.  In my healing, I felt the presence and imprint of specific Masters.  Experiencing the energy made me want more.  I continued with the Rising Star Practitioner Workshop and became initiated into the Rising Star energy.  As a practitioner, I am amazed at the volume of energy that can be moved, felt and brought in from the Masters through becoming an open channel and simple practices.  ~ SA

Thank you for a wonderful More Truth Will Set You Free workshop.  It was unlike any other I have attended and so fantastic to see the healing taking place throughout the room.  So many people were touched by the presence of so many spirits coming through during the workshop.  Personally I felt uplifted.  I have been suffering from depression and the healing energy immediately brought me to another level of wellness. It hasn't been the same since. Thank you for bringing this profoundly healing workshop to our area. ~ PW

Elka has been here in Los Angeles, working and offering workshops.  Last weekend I attended the all day More Truth Will Set You Free workshop led by Elka. It surpassed my expectation and I was amazed at how wonderful a workshop can be if it comes from the heart.  My wife is a chiropractor and her patients and staff were overtaken by the love energy that was present.  I feel comfortable that this is going to lead to the growth of many happy people that are going to need this in their life. Personally I was honored that my wife and Elka can organize something so beautiful.  On a personal note, this was the first time that I ever felt Derek O’Neill's presence in a workshop that he wasn't leading.  It filled my heart to see people radiate to the Rising Star energy. Seeing her in action, Elka was truly amazing.  She brought forth so much light, love and humor during the day, and I felt Derek O’Neill's love and energy flowing through her work.  She is truly a bright light.  I am so happy that she is out doing this work and able to bring his love and teachings forth and also bring important and powerful healing to so many people. I hope that as she is out there more doing this work, more people come to experience her work. I think it would be wonderful if many other people have the chance to experience how she works and brings forth unconditional divine love.    ~ V - Los Angeles

I just attended Elka's Healing Circle. This was by far the most amazing workshops I have ever attended. So much love and peace was shared through the hearts of everyone. It was so beautiful. Elka is definitely the real deal, a very powerful spiritual Elder and one of the best. I highly recommend her. I have been doing energy work for about 5 years and I can definitely stand by this,    MM St Augustine, FL