My brother has been turning a building in upstate New York into a residence. Since moving into the building, my brother and his partners have had massive problems.The original owners bought the land for this building and began constructing a synagogue in the mid 1800's. The building has gone through many transformations, including becoming a Christian center, a speakeasy during prohibition and several different retail stores. I had been doing healing work with Elka. During one of my sessions, I spoke about my brother. Another healer had said there were bad spirits in the house, but didn't have the capability to get rid of them. Elka told me that she did house clearings and I asked her to work on this building. We arrived and found that our timing could not have been more perfect. Things were more grim than I had even suspected. Elka did a complete tour of the house and grounds asking many questions. Then she sat inside, questioning my brother for a long time about the difficulties he was facing. She then began to "clear" my brother and the house. Her insight about the house and my brother was amazing. Several days later, my brother reported that the house felt bigger and lighter. He was relieved because his sense of nervousness & feeling unsafe in the house had disappeared. He also mentioned that his dog was never comfortable in the house and preferred to always be outside. Shortly after the clearing, the dog became relaxed and happy there. Many of the problems my brother was having with his partners have now been resolved.   ~ A.L. Ossining, NY

After seeing the results Elka brought about clearing my brother's house, I decided to have her come clear my home. I had no particular problems, but I figured that it couldn't hurt. Elka arrived and immediately began asking questions as she walked over our land and through the house. She spent a lot of time with my husband and zeroed upon something very important that he needed to pay attention to. After that, she began to clear the house. Some of the energy it held was from my mother's illness and her passing. There are two rooms upstairs that I never spent much time in. Elka said this was because of the energy being that was being held there. A few weeks after the house was cleared, suddenly I have been inspired to redecorate the rooms and now enjoy spending time in them. The whole house feels lighter. I am very grateful for the work that Elka does       ~ K.M.

Two years ago, I contacted Elka to do a house clearing. I had heard that her skill in this area was unprecedented. There had been 2 previous owners of my new home and I was having difficulty settling into my new space. For some reason, I couldn’t feel totally present there.  Watching Elka assess the rooms of my house was uncanny. She hit upon things that had taken place since I moved in and that I knew were accurate about myself and the past owners. I was present for the clearing, (something I would suggest to anyone who enlists her services) and felt the atmosphere tangibly shift as the process ensued that day. The dullness in the rooms was replaced with vibrancy and joy. I myself experienced a dramatic healing as well as the house! Elka’s skill and compassion during this process is truly astounding. My job took off in new directions following the healing and so did my relationship. Thank you, Elka!   ~ L.L., Bradenton, FL

After a visit with my sister in Florida last December, I unexpectedly found myself purchasing a home. The previous owner had to move to an assisted living facility. My sister suggested a house clearing with Elka and I readily agreed, sensing it would vitalize the home and dissipate any residual energy. Following the clearing, I felt the house lighter and actually vibrating.  At the same time, I needed to sell my UK house where I’d lived for the past 26 years. The real estate market was even more depressed than in the USA; yet it was vital I sell that property to make my next move. Again, I turned to Elka for help. I emailed photos of myself, my cat, the garden and each room in my house for her to do the long-distance clearing process. Though not present, I did feel energy shifting in myself the day she did the actual clearing. On Saturday, I had left for ten days, leaving the house my real estate agent.  Amazingly on Sunday, one day later, the agent called to say that a very happy, keen, and excited prospective couple had come who definitely wanted the house, full asking price, and they would be willing to wait until July to move in. Even their moving date coincided with the end of my job! I was thrilled.  The couple had been searching for ten months and nearly given up. They noticed my house on a website and were very drawn to it. The wife said, “As we entered the house, just stepping on the threshold, my husband said, ‘This is our house!’ We walked from room to room, buzzing with excitement. Before even returning to our car, we had called the estate agent and told him this was our house and we wanted it at the asking price. There was a feeling of utter happiness and openness—a welcoming—that we felt instantly. We know we were meant to live here.”  So, thank you, Elka, for your wonderful work! You told me you spoke to the heart of my house and placed unconditional love there. Selling my previous house through this entire transition has been effortless. I attribute all of this to you stellar work with your shaman House Clearing on both sides of the Atlantic!  ~ SWP, Sarasota, FL

I want to express my appreciation to Elka for the very effective house clearing I received. I live on the west coast of Florida where the housing market has been battered for the last 5 years. My home was up for sale for well over a year with no offers, and I was growing impatient and discouraged. I was reluctant to spend money on a house that was already depreciating, but knew I needed to move on and get on with my life.  I had seen Elka at a healing workshop and asked her to come do a clearing of the house. She was very thorough in determining the energetic issues with the house and set right to work in clearing them out. I noticed she worked intensively both inside and outside the house – and I actively participated in the process, as well, finding it fascinating and powerful.  Within two weeks of the clearing, I had two offers come in, both cash deals. The negotiation and escrow processes were smooth and drama-free – and the deal closed in 30 days.  This was the best money I ever spent on that house! Many thanks to you Elka!        ~ Irene Hoffmann, Florida.

For ten years, I was a realtor in the greater Washington DC area. My husband and I decided to move to Florida to be closer to family members and listed our home for sale.

A few months later, we moved because we thought during the fall season, the house would easily sell. Instead it sat empty during the winter, requiring continuous supervision and lots of worry.

After 10 months of waiting, a friend in Florida suggested to speak with Elka and have her do an Energy Clearing on the house. She came highly recommended from my friend. Elka told us that since this was an older house, there were lots of stuck emotional energies from different owners!

She spent several hours using her grid system, going over every room in the house to clear all the energies. Elka conducted the house clearing long distance – from photos we provided – and moved out the lingering negative energies.

She also suggested we repair a couple of things outside of the house.

Within 3 days after the repairs were done, we had 2 offers -- and the following day a ratified contract!!! We were ecstatic!

The following month proved to be a smooth transaction right up to the closing date.anyone BEFORE listing a house!

-M.R., Sarasota FL