Healing Homework - Part I

Elka says,

"When I doing the healing work, a reconnection with the elements often occurs --earth,water,air,fire and ether.

So, it is good to use some of these elements to support the release of the emotions or traumas to help the process take less time.

In this process, some memories that are stored can start coming out, matters, past incidents or traumas that you don't even remember or you put aside are recalled, giving you an opportunity to release it."

When your write these letters, a discharge of energy can come through your writing. For example, in the case the energy of anger, what you write will have the energy frequencies of what is being released - anger.

These letters are vehicles for the release of the stored perceptions that we have about certain events and people. The letters function to forgive ourselves and others for actions and words that we believe we, or they, have performed. These letters are not to blame anyone for what happened.

Here is an example.

Dear Mother,

When I was a child, I didn't like it when you forced me to eat certain foods. I hated it. I was angry and frustrated because I could not do anything about it'd.

I didn't like it when you called me stupid. It hurt me

Continue writing about whatever triggered your anger, upset or frustrated you, or about those matters that you find it hard to express your feelings about. Sign your letter.

Write individual letters to:

What to do with the letters

You can do a little ceremony, or you can pray any way you like.

As you burn the papers.....light a candle, use your imagination to create a very sacred space.

Ask God, the Source, your Guru (if you have one), and Mother Earth to release all of these negative emotions and lower frequencies energies and to transform them.

Bury the ashes under a tree.

Give thanks to the tree for helping to absorb and transform these energies.

You can spread some tobacco as you burn the letters. Or, place some tobacco around the tree.

If you know a ceremony for release, you can use that. Use your creativity and imagination in your ceremonies. The more sincere you are and the more vivid the images the more effective it will be.

Note that you can burn the papers individually or all together.

This homework consists of writing detailed, personal letters to people in your past and present, but not actually sending them. The process of writing to the person creates the links on a subtle level for release of the blocked energies. See the end of this page for what to do with the physical letter.