QUESTION: What kind of effects might I feel or experience after a session?

ELKA: There may be a lot of releasing through dreams and some people feel waves of emotion, especially emotions you may have blocked. There can also be energetic pain coming out of the body when the memories of the pain body start moving out of you.

When these blockages come out, you are going to feel lighter. People may move to another level of awareness altogether. These effects take place because the shaman guides have given me a very advanced technique to help people release quickly, in a very safe way, to move to another energy level and be able to continue their lives and their jobs. This technique helps people to release their cellular memories, past lives and childhood traumas. The whole process can be explained this way. The body is like a computer that starts deleting the information. When this information releases, you feel healthier - physically, mentally and emotionally.

QUESTION: What can I do to work through any of these effects?

ELKA: It's good to drink a lot of water if you are feeling waves of emotion or the energetic pain in your body. Lie down and breathe and do any spiritual practices you know - like meditation or chanting - and writing down the emotions that come to you. Also taking a bath with sea salt can help to cleanse and take things out of the body.

QUESTION: Can you explain why these effects take place?

ELKA:Your first session is like going into a house where I remove things that don't have to be there. These things are of a lower frequency. I have to remove what is in the way of the higher energy so that it is able to come in. So, the first step is with the physical and emotional body.  When these are removed, I have access to your energy. There is release of the blockages in the physical body first. As you process things, we move to other levels of healing. When we go to the other levels, you won't have physical side effects. A more subtle energy starts circulating. We move to another dimension of healing. At this point, you start experiencing more positive feelings and are more connected to your body and feel lighter.

QUESTION: If you do work on the emotional body, do one's emotional reactions actually change? How?

ELKA: We all carry a blueprint of information. When we remove all the blockage or dust covering the blueprint, there is more access to the information. When the cellular memories are removed, people are not going to react with the same intensity as before because the root issue is removed.

QUESTION: When I left my first session with you, I felt so light and free! In the days that followed, I experienced a range of intense emotions from sadness to anger to betrayal. It was quite so challenging! Why did I initially feel so light and after a short time go through this emotional array?

ELKA: I was able to remove by Spirit guidance some energy blockages. Your blockages were at a deeper level. Imagine you were a child and your mother sent you to clean your bedroom and you put all your toys, clothes etc inside a closet saying that you will take care of that later. You hid everything in your closet. In the same way, you've been storing emotions for years that you don't want to deal with. I was cleaning your bedroom and suddenly days after the cleaning, the closet door of your bedroom opens up and everything falls out. the closet was full of emotions and issues that you didn't want to deal with it. It all came out suddenly. This is why it was challenging for you.

QUESTION: What does it mean that you work "with energy grids?" What does this do?

ELKA: This is a shamanic technique taught to me that I have adapted to my work by Spirit guidance.  Before I start the healings, I have to create a sacred space to channel the source energy, to bring in these higher energy frequencies I place the client and I in this energy grid. The grids consist of a series of geometric figures that when added in a certain order and, with particular colors, will create a grid of energy. It will fill a whole building; the house or office where I work. If anyone stays in the house where I have this grid of energy, the person will have a healing even if I'm not working directly with them because they also inside the energy grid.

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