House Cleanings:  My brother has been turning a building in upstate New York into a residence. Since moving into the building, my brother and his partners have had massive problems.The original owners bought the land for this building and began constructing a synagogue in the mid 1800's. The building has gone through many transformations, including becoming a Christian center, a speakeasy during prohibition and several different retail stores. I had been doing healing work with Elka. During one of my sessions, I spoke about my brother. Another healer had said there were bad spirits in the house, but didn't have the capability to get rid of them. Elka told me that she did house clearings and I asked her to work on this building. We arrived and found that our timing could not have been more perfect. Things were more grim than I had even suspected. Elka did a complete tour of the house and grounds asking many questions. Then she sat inside, questioning my brother for a long time about the difficulties he was facing. She then began to "clear" my brother and the house. Her insight about the house and my brother was amazing. Several days later, my brother reported that the house felt bigger and lighter. He was relieved because his sense of nervousness & feeling unsafe in the house had disappeared. He also mentioned that his dog was never comfortable in the house and preferred to always be outside. Shortly after the clearing, the dog became relaxed and happy there. Many of the problems my brother was having with his partners have now been resolved.   ~ A.L. Ossining, NY              More

Personal Healings: Elka Boren is the real thing: a truly gifted healer full of love and compassion. She has an energy that can touch you deeply and move you to the places you wish to go and out of the places that wish to leave. Most importantly she helps you to see what it is that holds you back and then lends a hand to pull you up into your higher self. I am grateful to have experienced her kindness and generosity and my life has more love, peace and creativity since I began working with her.     ~ Actor, Michael Imperioli - New York        More

Rising Star Initiations: It is with tears in my eyes and great joy in my heart that I thank Elka for the gift she has given me. I now understand that there is no need to get caught up in the dramas…we are members of The Family of Light and we must live our light!  Her style of teaching and the energy she directs in the Rising Star Minjushri Initiation is awesome…words cannot describe the energy within me….I am buzzing! The birds and animals that visit my garden were the first to recognize this change in me; they now welcome my presence by coming closer to me!  ~ CVC – Miami, FL     More

More Truth Workshops:  My experience in Elka’s More Truth Will Set You Free Workshop involved a series of meditations that allowed me to release old limiting thoughts and escalated to a point where the Masters joined me in passing through the veil to find moments of perfect peace and love.  Elka provided a healing to all participants in which she became an open channel for the Ascended Masters.  In my healing, I felt the presence and imprint of specific Masters.  Experiencing the energy made me want more.  I continued with the Rising Star Practitioner Workshop and became initiated into the Rising Star energy.  As a practitioner, I am amazed at the volume of energy that can be moved, felt and brought in from the Masters through becoming an open channel and simple practices.  ~ SA   More